Refund Policy

Amount once paid through the payment gateway shall not be refunded other than in the circumstances:

1. Multiple times debiting of Customer Card/Bank Account due to technical error OR customers account being debited with an excess amount in a single transaction due to the technical error. In such cases, excess amount excluding Payment Gateway charges would be refunded to the customer.

2. Due to a technical error, payment being charged on the customer Card/Bank Account but the purchase is unsuccessful. However, if in such cases, the customer wishes to seek the refund of the amount, he/she would be refunded net the amount, after deduction of Payment Gateway charges or any other charges.

3. The Customer will have to make an application for refund along with the transaction number and original payment receipt if any generated at the time of making payments.

4. The application in the prescribed format should be sent to ,

5. The application will be processed manually and after verification, if the claim is found valid, the amount received in excess will be refunded by our portal through electronic mode in favour of the applicant and confirmation sent to the mailing address given in the billing form, within a period of 7-10 calendar days on receipt of such claim.

6. Any order in regarding eatables once ordered when is confirmed and deducted can’t be reversed back nor the order be cancelled except for the change in order particulars in the same amount can be adjusted if called the shop within 2 minutes but not the quantity can be either decreased or increased , but if the the order has to be increased another order can be placed and hence be done.

7. Even then if the customer wants to cancel the order then he can do but the amount deducted will not be refunded in any circumstances nor will be adjusted with any further orders after the time mentioned or wanted to be take away as per demanded by the customer.

8. Reason for non refundable criteria is done because once order is placed the vendor starts preparing the order of eatables on the basis of payment and demand and is considered confirmed, hence the order prepared is exclusively for the customer of ordered according to demand and taste of the particular order . So this order cannot be served to other customers due to time and taste constraints. Hence customers wont get any refund for any eatables ordered online or offline if cancelled.