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Easebuoy prime cab is the best cars to provide a superior and perfect ride experience to customer. Prime cab drivers are specially trained and experienced driver, so that they can provide you all needs you required while travelling. And Ease prime cabs are specially linked with internet connectivity with entertainment hub, so that you can browse internet, listen music or watch movies on your ride. Prime cabs will provide you a comfortable and luxurious journey than others because it’s specially designed for the prime customers.


The word "outstation" is a giveaway to the purpose of outdoor cabs. The reservation of an outdoor station cab is intended for travelers leaving their home city to travel to another city in India or within India. Off-station cab can be booked for overnight stays or even for a few hours as needed.


Easebuoy share cabs is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car, By having more people using one vehicle, share cabs reduces each person's travel costs such as:fuel costs,tolls, etc.share cabs is also a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to travel as sharing journeys reduces air pollution,carbon emissions,traffic congestion on the roads.

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eCabs are introduced as a convenient cab service for daily rides. Travel comfortably .When you are paying almost the same amount, why not travel in an air-conditioned cab

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A secure and safer journey with eCabs along with live tracking facility, proven drivers, emergency alert buttons and real-time ride tracking are some of the features provided to ensure safe travel.

Share and Express

To travel with the lowest fares choose eCabs Share

Cashless Rides

eCabs is also providing cashless ride to the customer on completing their trip.

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